Self-Discovery & Relationship Counseling

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The Reiss Motivation Profile® for Self-Discovery helps people achieve enduring happiness. Based on The Science of Motivation®, the RMP reveals how an individual prioritizes each of 16 basic desires, a unique pattern that determines the person’s values, predicts behavior, influences the development of personality traits, and creates either harmony or conflict in interpersonal relationships.

These insights not only enable the individual to identify sources of frustration – that is, intense needs that are not being met by current relationships, work, or hobbies – but also empower the client to seek new avenues for satisfying his deepest desires.

When used with two partners, the Reiss Motivation Profile® for Self-Discovery clarifies the intrinsic motives that bind the partners as well as those that cause chronic conflict due to opposing needs and values.

Using The Science of Motivation, Box 4 Graph

“We can use our knowledge of a person’s needs to predict the individual’s behavior in natural environments without knowing what caused those needs or from where they came.”

Professor Steven Reiss